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  1. Richard scholl says:

    Hi I’m planning to join and have a question concerning the club logo, is there already or is there any plan of adding a stick on “car logo” to the store inventory. Also, is there any availability of a reproduction of the original “porcelain” grill logo’s that I used to see back in the 60’s cruising up and down RT 202 when I 1st became familiar with the club? Does membership give access to any kind of a BMC logo for my car.

    • Jim Martin says:

      There are stick on BMC Logo available, Have to look into the porcelain grill logos, have not seen them.

  2. richard scholl says:

    Hello, I’m planning to join, Is there availability to members of a stick on BMC logo for the car, I believe that I saw one earlier this week. Also, is there availability of a reproduction of an original porcelain BMC car grill badge like the ones that I used to envy as they cruised up and down RT. 202 when I was a kid.

  3. Elisha says:

    I was looking into taking My son to the Sept 9th event at Dover International speedway, but am not seeing an entry fee list. Will there be food a d drink vendors there to get food and drink? When do the gates open for the day? I see the event starts at 830.

    • Jim Martin says:

      Elisha, everyone is welcome, there is no charge for spectators other than sign liability waivers. If you are racing go to As a Club we do not set up vendors but they are usually there. The Drifting starts at 9 am and auto crossing about an hour later.
      Jim Martin

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